To upgrade your grooming regime simply means to think beyond just soap & shampoo.

Let’s face it, a book like your face will always be judged by its cover. So it’s important to make sure that book looks good at all times. It feels good to know that men are finally getting comfortable to talk about skin care.

Let’s not forget that our skin is the largest external organ of the body, so we shouldn’t feel shy to talk about it. As a protective layer of our body, its very essential to keep our skin at its best, protecting it from dirt, pollution, sunlight, irritants and other external factors.

We can all agree that talking about skin care can be a little overwhelming, but the truth is, there are only 3 important steps to a healthy skin.

Step 1.Cleanse – Cleansing your skin is basically getting rid of dirt from the surface of the skin without stripping it dry, below are some recommended products that will do just that.


Step 2.Exfoliate – Exfoliating your skin helps get rid of dead skin cells, letting your skin breathe and allowing new cells to grow. Ideally, you should scrub each time before you shave, this opens up your pores and helps reduce the chances of in-grown hair.


Step 3.Moisturize – Moisturizing your face generally leave your skin looking young and hydrated, it helps reduce the sign of ageing and fine line. After cleaning & scrubbing this should be your next step.


And that’s basically it. Keep it simple, be consistent & you are bound to see results.