Building a strong versatile wardrobe is much simpler than you would think.

Let’s think about building a house for a second, of cos it’s not as simple, but read on and you’ll get the message.

When building a house, the first thing to getting it right is to build a strong foundation, before raising the walls and finally furnishing. This same rule applies when you are trying to build a versatile wardrobe. First, invest in strong classic pieces, then add some flair with seasonal fashion trends and finish off with an army of fashion accessories.
Investing in the right wardrobe often mean buying the best quality pieces which i highly recommend because you will have them for many years. While some luxury fashion might be way out of budget there are a few alternatives like Yoox, a pre-owned luxury website

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I have been shopping on Yoox for about 2 years and now that i can shop Yoox on Dubli, i earn some money back. If you missed my previous post where i explained how Dubli works, click here now.
Yoox is a pre-owned luxury fashion website where you can shop all of your favourite luxury brands, from Gucci to Balenciaga, Cartier and Prada.

Yoox covers a wide range of fashion pieces, from clothing to shoes, sunglasses, bags which are basically how i introduce luxury coveted pieces into my wardrobe.
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